Factory news

Manufacturer approval certificate

Manufacturer approval certificate for Akkuyu NPP was received,


Certificate of Conformity for safety valves for NPP has been received

The company has successfully completed acceptance tests and received the Certificate of Conformity for safety valves of 


CE Certificate for products has been received

 During the period from 21 to 23 October 2020 a certification of products



OKA Company offers to the customers the following integrated services:

- Performance of acceptance and other types of tests of the valves and elements of pipelines

(hydraulic tests, air leak-tightness tests, operational and valve gate leak-tightness tests,

vacuum tightness tests, etc.);

- Performance of all types of destructive and non-destructive testing of base materials

(determination of mechanical properties at high and low temperatures, chemical composition, ferrite content measurement,

resistance to intercrystalline corrosion, macro- and microstructure, nonmetallic inclusions and grain size, etc.);

- Performance of all types of destructive and non-destructive testing of welding and overlaying materials

(determination of mechanical properties, chemical composition, resistance to intercrystalline corrosion, ferrite content measurement, etc.);

- Performance of welding and overlay welding of various materials with capability to develop and qualify a welding procedure;

- Performance of a visual and dimensional inspection, radiographic examination and liquid penetrant testing of welded joints with a documenting and giving the test results;

- Performance of an ultrasonic testing of base materials with capability to manufacture a shop reference for specific range of products;

- Manufacturing the products in accordance with design documentation of customer with capability to develop and agree the Design and Engineering Documentation and Technical Project Documentation;

- Provision of integrated delivery of pipeline valves

(gates, check valves and gates, control valves, elements of pipelines).


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